Saturday, October 19, 2013

How Printed Materials and Advertising Engages Readers

Although online marketing is a growing resource for product and service promotion, print advertising still creates a significant impact on those who pick up your advertisement. Both online and print advertising can be designed to target a certain group for maximum effect. However, print advertising is tactile. The reader can hold on to it, or pass it off to a friend. Online advertisements are gone as soon as the reader clicks away from the page.

The Brain
A recent study shows that print outperforms television by 38%. It can be speculated that this has something to do with how the brain processes memory. In order to read effectively, the reader must engage at a higher level. In fact, when you read your brain only spends about 5% of its time fixating on the print, gathering about four units of meaning from the page per second. It spends the rest of the  95% of the time reflecting upon the information received.

The Design
The above information is a key element in advertising design. Successful advertisements are easy to scan. This means readers can get the overall meaning of an advertisement in a few seconds, with the enticement to read on further for details. Print advertising doesn't have to be flashy, especially if it is representing a more conservative entity. However, the advertisement still needs to be clear and concise to be effective. Attention should be drawn to the main idea of the campaign without muddling the reader's mind with unnecessary details.  

Think about an advertisement in print you saw recently. It could be in the form of a magazine, flyer or brochure. Why do you remember this advertisement? What words stood out to you the most?

The Action Plan

Print advertising leaves an impression on readers when it is designed well. Advertisements that appeal to the fast and selective nature of reading have a higher chance of connecting with a target market. Use your market research to design a memorable print ad for your customers.

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